McEmn Great Danes
Nikki Riggsbee                                                  Taping Ears

Below is a step-by-step process of how we are taping puppy ears.

Current materials.  The tubing is foam used to fill cracks too big for caulk.  Glue is

Skin Bond; an equivalent human-approved adhesive can be used.  Glue remover is Unisolve.  Long black items are cable ties.   Johnson & Johnson Coach brand athletic tape..

Unisolve on existing tape loosens the adhesive.

Put Unisolve on all tape that has glue on it.

Cut off tape, making sure you don't cut the ear.

You can put your finger under the tape to loosen it & to find a path to insert the scissors.

Cutting off the old tape.

Cut tape - cut whereever it is loosest, not necessarily as shown.

Peel back tape - already loosened with Unisolve.

Remove tape slowly to avoid discomfort.

Use more Unisolve on places still glued.

Put Unisolve at juncture of ear and stuck tape.

Unisolve makes the tape come off easily.

Clean ears with cotton balls and ear cleaner, such as alcohol or peroxide.

Clean off Unisolve - it will prevent the new taping from sticking well.

Measure how much foam you need.

Foam should go from tip to deep in ear.

Cut a piece of cable tie about 1/2 inch shorter than foam.

Start building prop:  Lay each cable tie on a piece of tape longer than foam.

Lay foam on top of cable tie & tape.

Making the prop... One end of foam extends 1/2 past cable tie - that end will go in the ear.

Use tape to hold the foam & cable tie together.

Begin backtaping prop by taping once around sticky side down.

Reverse tape to sticky-side-out and spiral it up the prop

Prop all backtaped

Props; 2 longer pieces of tape (appr 13"), 2 shorter pieces (appr 5")

Bridge: 1 tape about as long as your arm, another short 3" piece.

Apply Skin Bond glue the 2 long and 2 shorter pieces of tape.  

Also apply glue to the edge of the prop which will

go against the ear - opposite the side with the cable tie.

Put the prop in the ear.  The end with the extra foam goes into the

ear as far as possible.  The glued side goes against the ear.

Begin taping the base with one of the longer glued tape lengths, starting at the back of

the ear, wrapping towards the outside, and then around to the front and inside.

Make sure the "hole" at the base of the ear is covered with tape so the prop can't pop out.

Note that the verticle ear fold on the inside/uncut edge is folded by the tape.

Wrap 1 small glued length of tape around the ear tip.

Wrap the tape at the base & tip loosely.  Too tight & the tape can cut the ear

as the puppy grows.  Press it to have the glue contact.

One ear all taped.

Inserting the prop - foam end down, glue side against ear -

into the second ear.

Taping the base of the 2nd ear.  Note: right ear base will be taped counter

clockwise; left ear base  is taped clockwise

If the prop  is too long, cut off excess.  Hold the ear tip to make sure you don't cut it.

Begin the bridge that will go from the center of the base of each

ear across the skull.  The bridge tape does not have glue on it.

The tape goes from the middle of the base of one ear to the

middle of the base of the other.

Go around the other ear.

Go back & forth, sticking tape to itself across the skull.

Note that the ears are not parallel.  They should be wider apart at the tip

than at the skull

Use the smallest piece of tape to reinforce the bridge by taping around the tapes crossing the skull.

All done!!  Hold/pet/play with the puppy for a few minutes

until the glue is well dry.




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